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Ask the Experts: Who Qualifies for Assisted Living?

As seniors transition from their homes to retirement communities, there are a variety of levels of care that they could receive, depending on the community. At Valage Senior Living at Carson Valley, our team offers assisted living and memory care lifestyle options. In this blog, we will answer the question, “Who qualifies for assisted living?” and share more about this option for older adults.

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living refers to a housing option for seniors or individuals with disabilities who require team members assisting with activities of daily living (ADLs) but do not need the intensive medical care provided in nursing homes.

The benefits of assisted living include a combination of housing, personalized support services and health care designed to promote independence and enhance the quality of life for residents.

Activities of daily living (ADLs) are basic self-care tasks that individuals typically perform on a daily basis. These activities include things like bathing, dressing, grooming, eating and toileting. Our community also includes assistance with medication management, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, meal preparation and social activities.

There are a variety of assisted living levels, and those can vary from community to community. Assisted living levels of care can include more nursing-based services added onto regular assisted living services.

At Valage Senior Living at Carson Valley, extensively trained caregivers are available to help assisted living residents with these tasks as needed, while still encouraging independence and autonomy whenever possible.

Who Qualifies for Assisted Living?

Determining qualifications for assisted living involves a collaborative effort between the resident, family members and medical professionals. This process entails comprehensive assessments of the individual’s physical health, cognitive functioning and daily living needs.

Family members play a vital role by offering insights into the resident’s lifestyle preferences, medical history and any specific care requirements when determining assisted living care levels. Medical professionals, including physicians, nurses and therapists, contribute their expertise to evaluate the resident’s health status and medication needs.

Through this approach, assisted living communities can tailor their services to meet the unique needs of each resident, ensuring a supportive and enriching environment for all.

 Main criteria for assisted living include:

  • Needs assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Needs minor care but not a full-time caregiver or nursing care
  • Can walk or use a wheelchair for most tasks with little assistance
  • Needs help managing and administering medications

Who Does Not Qualify for Assisted Living?

Some residents may find that assisted living isn’t the best fit for their needs, necessitating a higher level of care. This can be particularly true for individuals who:

  1. Require around-the-clock nursing care, as their medical needs require constant attention and specialized expertise
  2. Depend on assistance to leave their bed, a level of mobility impairment that exceeds what assisted living communities typically accommodate
  3. Have medical conditions that require continuous monitoring, more than the capabilities of assisted living teams who aren’t equipped to manage such intensive care

In these cases, other care options, such as skilled nursing facilities, may be more suitable to ensure the residents receive the level of support they need.

Pros of Assisted Living

The move from home to an assisted living community can be a big transition. At Valage Senior Living at Carson Valley, our team takes all of the worry out of your beautiful new home – starting with round-the-clock support, chef-prepared meals and services like housekeeping and laundry, complemented by exceptional amenities like our salon and day spa, fitness center, fully fenced dog park, courtyard with fire pits and seating for lounging outside, and much more.

Our signature programs include:

  • Elevate® dining: Our professionally trained chefs whip up delicious and nutritious meals, focusing on a variety of menu selections and family-style seating in our dining rooms
  • Vibrant Life® activities program: Our community has dedicated activity directors who organize daily activities, events and outings that engage and appeal to our residents

We also feature the SafelyYou alert system, technology-based health and safety software that can bring swift assistance to a resident who falls, allowing quick assessment and further follow-up care as necessary.

Explore the new leading destination for retirement living and senior care in the region. Located in the picturesque town of Minden, Nevada, with the stunning Sierra Nevada mountains as its backdrop, you’ll discover a fulfilling lifestyle and compassionate care tailored for older adults seeking to stay active amidst a community of down-to-earth neighbors.

In conclusion, the benefits of assisted living include effectively bridging the gap between independent living and nursing homes. By creating a supportive environment, Valage Senior Living at Carson Valley empowers residents to maintain independence while receiving assistance they need for daily activities and health care management. The added comfort of having extensively trained team members ensures a safe living environment, minimizing risks and promptly addressing any concerns.

Assisted living residency encourages socialization and engagement, fostering a sense of community through organized activities, outings and opportunities for meaningful interactions with neighbors. These social aspects are crucial for promoting mental and emotional wellness, reducing isolation and enhancing overall quality of life.

Finally, assisted living offers residents the opportunity to age with dignity and grace while enjoying a fulfilling and enriched lifestyle. Through this holistic approach to care, assisted living communities can work hand in hand with residents to give them the retirement life they deserve.

Interested in learning more about assisted living in Nevada at Valage Senior Living at Carson Valley? Contact us today.