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Valage Senior Living at Carson Valley Debuts AI for Senior Fall Detection

Valage Senior Living at Carson Valley has announced a collaboration with SafelyYou, a trailblazer in advancing safer and more individual-focused dementia care through real-time AI video technology and round-the-clock remote clinical support.

With this recent development, the community of Valage Senior Living will benefit from SafelyYou’s cutting-edge technology, setting a new benchmark in fall detection care standards by addressing fall incidents, offering reassurance to families and attracting new residents to senior living communities.

The integration of SafelyYou’s technology underscores Valage Senior Living’s dedication to delivering groundbreaking solutions for its residents and their families. This partnership also underscores SafelyYou’s progress in driving improved outcomes through innovation, which has become the standard for meeting the evolving needs of senior safety.

About SafelyYou

Founded in 2015 as part of CEO George Netscher’s doctoral research and driven by his family’s experience with Alzheimer’s disease, SafelyYou emerged from UC Berkeley’s Artificial Intelligence Research Lab, recognized as one of the top five AI research groups globally.

The company is committed to revolutionizing dementia care by leveraging cutting-edge AI video technology and round-the-clock remote clinical support to prioritize safety and individual needs.

SafelyYou’s senior safety solutions have been widely adopted by various health care providers across North America, from large national organizations to smaller local providers.

Notably, SafelyYou was identified as one of the five most groundbreaking fall detection technologies in the Senate Falls Report (2019). Through its advanced AI-video technology, SafelyYou offers unprecedented insight into fall detection and critical care moments in real time, accurately detecting 99.5% of on-the-ground events.

Their team of remote clinical experts possesses unparalleled expertise, having observed more falls and related incidents than any other entity, enabling predictive, personalized dementia care at an unprecedented level.

By addressing a crucial issue in senior care, SafelyYou has significantly reduced falls by 40% and related emergency room visits by 80%, making a substantial impact on the well-being of individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

How SafelyYou Works

With SafelyYou, fall detection and peace of mind is available all day, every day. In the homes, a multi-sensor equipped with AI is positioned in the bedroom’s corner, and fall detection activation only occurs following consent. The video recording solely captures events preceding and following an on-the-ground incident.

In the event of a fall, care personnel receive prompt notification and can promptly review the recorded footage to evaluate the severity of the fall, ensuring seniors receive appropriate care without delay.

Protecting senior safety and privacy is important for our residents. This fall detection technology is HIPAA compliant, only activating the events surrounding the fall. Non-fall video is deleted within minutes. In addition, the system does not have live streaming, audio or the need to wear a safety product.

Previous methods of fall detection have been to wear a fall detection device for seniors. Dementia and falling often go hand in hand, and wearing a fall detection device isn’t always the best route. When it comes to falls and Alzheimer’s, wearing devices full-time can be hard to do as the resident may forget or not be able to wear their fall detection device at all times.

Following a fall detection alert, team members respond promptly to the resident to assess the fall’s severity to determine if further medical action is needed. This method also allows the team to determine the root cause of the fall and help prevent it from happening again.

Valage Senior Living has embraced this technology to improve quality care for residents and to provide enhanced senior safety and security for themselves and their families.

Want to learn more about how Valage Senior Living will utilize SafelyYou in memory care? Contact us today for an overview of our program and how it can benefit all seniors, especially those with dementia.